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Chateau Mercian Fuefuki Koshu Gris de Gris


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As grapes were never indigenous to Japan all grapevines had been introduced to the region with the movement of the spice route and silk roads over 2,000 years. Château Mercian grows Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, whilst experimenting with Albariño, Mencia and others, and has always shared its long experience of producing wine in Japan with every other producer in the region. Château Mercian is the oldest established winery in Japan, starting out in 1870 having sent two young men to France to understand wine making in the European tradition. Indeed the descendants of these two men are still growing Koshu for Mercian today.

Crafted using Koshu grapes, this wine spends 3 weeks on the skins to achieve the vibrant apricot-skin hue. After fermentation in barrel, the wine spends a further 8 months in oak barrels to enhance the rich, textural mouthfeel. Faint reddish orange hue. Sweet and gentle aromas of apricot, candied pear, Darjeeling, old Rose with subtle vanilla notes are derived from 8 months in oak barrels. The complex palate from the skins and seeds of the Koshu grape come from gentle skin contact, this creates a three-dimensional feeling in the mouth. Matches well with asian dishes, asparagus risotto or stony river fish.

Tasting Note:
Gentle aromas of apricot, candied pear, Darjeeling, old Rose with subtle vanilla notes from the oak. With the complex palate from the skins of Koshu grape, this creates a three-dimensional mouthfeel.


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