Joseph Cartron Cherry Brandy Liqueur

Joseph Cartron Cherry Brandy Liqueur


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The secret to Joseph Cartrons Cherry Brandy Liqueur's fruity aroma is in the cherry selection and blending. The fruits are grown within a 25-kilometer radius of Nuits-Saint-Georges, where Joseph Cartron carefully selected two varieties. Between the bitter Montmorency cherry and the Chalonnaise black cherry varieties, the proportions of the chosen fruits are well-balanced. Cognac and Kirsch are added in precise amounts, and the combination of all of these noble ingredients produces a fine, harmonious, and ample liqueur.

Tasting note: Cherry stones macerated in eau-de-vie notes. The  Nose is open, sweet, and generous. The first wave is fruity and finesse-filled in the mouth. The richness is dominated by the berries.

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