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Joseph Cartron Pomme Verte


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Also known as Manzana Verde, is made from a clever combination of Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples. The fruits used to make the juices for Joseph Cartrons Pomme Verte Liqueur are hand-picked from the best orchards. The delicious acidity of the Granny-Smith is perfectly revealed by their quality. The addition of a small amount of Golden Delicious adds to the liqueur's sweetness and length in the mouth.

Tasting Note:
The nose is big, bold, and powerful. Fruit purity combined with a sense of newness. Behind each aromatic palette, the apple variety emerges. The first wave is light and well-balanced in the mouth. There isn't a trace of sweetness. The purity of orchard fruit is revealed. The conclusion is pure, with citrus fruit undertones.

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