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Cointreau Liqueur


ABV%: 40%
Country: France

"I only ever buy from Spiritly - Easy to order, speedy delivery, secure packaging, unbeatable price. No need to look elsewhere." Exceptional rating ★★★★★
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About this product
Indulge in the timeless elegance of Cointreau Liqueur, a classic French spirit renowned for its exceptional quality and versatility. Crafted using a meticulous process that dates back to the 19th century, Cointreau combines the essence of sweet and bitter orange peels with pure alcohol and natural sugars, resulting in a harmonious and sophisticated flavor profile. With its crystal-clear appearance and vibrant aromas of orange zest, it captivates the senses. On the palate, experience the perfect balance of sweet and bitter flavours, with a bright and zesty citrus character that lingers on the palate. The smooth and velvety texture makes it a delightful choice for sipping neat, as a key ingredient in cocktails like the Margarita or Cosmopolitan, or as a versatile addition to culinary creations. Cointreau Liqueur is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of French liqueurs, offering a touch of elegance to any occasion. Elevate your spirits collection with the captivating allure of Cointreau and enjoy the delightful flavours of this iconic liqueur.


Established 2012, over 15 million bottles sold.


Spiritly specialises in offering an exclusive online selection of premium spirits and fine wines from various regions worldwide. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with access to exceptional quality products that are not easily found elsewhere.


At Spiritly, we prioritize providing our customers with exceptional service and fast, reliable delivery.

We take great care to ensure that every order is well-packaged and arrives on time, so our customers can enjoy their premium spirits and fine wines with peace of mind.

Our commitment to excellent customer service means that we're always available to answer any questions or concerns, and we're dedicated to making every aspect of the ordering and delivery process as seamless and convenient as possible.


Our pulpsafe transit pack offers the highest levels of protection for shipping your bottles.

Made in the UK, Pulpsafe packaging is recyclable, compostable and presents the ideal biodegradable bottle packaging solution.

Following rigorous testing by DPD with zero breakages, we're excited to say this product is approved for use within the DPD network.

Customer Testimonials



Easy to order.
Fast delivery.
Well packaged.
Great booze.
Decent price.
5 Stars.

Mr G


Found the drink I wanted which was unavailable locally, it was delivered quickly and communication was great.


Super Service

Great to get some spirits that are usually difficult to get. Good price and my order was delivered the next day on a Saturday! Will definitely order again.

Micki M

Exceptional service and value.

A very simple and easy to use website. Granted, I knew the bottles I wanted, but unlike others Spirtly had them in stock. The service is very fast, couldn't believe how quick it was. Will be using them again, plus their recyclable packaging is also a big plus.

Austin F

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